Friday, October 28, 2005


S'up Killas? I'm recovering from class last night, which I hate dearly. My boss asked me to attend this primer on government's internal bureaucratic workings with some of our city commissioners. The class started about six weeks ago at a university extension center. It is both an insult and a burden.

I have a master's degree in Public Administration. Have had one since 1999. Why in the fuck do I need an introductory course in bureaucracy? This class runs from 6:30 to 9:00 pm on Thursday nights. The commissioners insisted on carpooling. That means when all is said and done I'm commonly not at home until 10:00 pm. From taking a class I don't fucking need or want to attend. So in a situation like this all I do is watch people.

When we get to class each week, they have a local caterer supply food for everyone. I can't believe they actually pay this bitch. Every week it's like a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Popcorn and peanut butter sandwiches, cookies and chili, ham slices and apples. Shit with no nutritional value or complimentary tradition. How the fuck cookies and chili go together? This non-meal building hoe is collecting a check for this shit.

I heard a lesbian comedian say this once, but I didn't know how true it was. Do you think you can tell the difference between a midwestern farm wife and a "butch"? Not that they're mutually exclusive, but I'll bet you couldn't the difference. All these women were looking like Davy Jones circa 1967. Broads giving me hard looks and shit. We're already out in farm country, I'm the only black man out here on pitch black roads. If I go out, I'm going out with a fight.

My Thursday nights are shot. I still haven't seen "Everybody Hates Chris". And it opens me up to a multitude of probing questions by city commissioners as we ride there and back. I'm not that fucking social. Mercifully the last session of this class in next Thursday. If I get tapped for another one like this, unlike the first time, I'll gonna have ask my boss to pick again. I've already done my time.

Fuck the Farmers,


Didi Roby said...

I loved Davy Jones when I was little...awwwe he was the most:)

Anyway...:"My boss asked me to attend this primer on government's internal bureaucratic workings with some of our city commissioners. " big tyme over there huh?

What's good baby?

Melle Mel said...

Damn Zed, at least next week is the last session... until your boss comes up with something else of course.

Chubby Chocolate said...

Just do what I do...
Make "uncontrollable" profane outbursts in class and tell them it tends to flare up when you're bored out of your fucking mind. Works for me everytime.

Pamalicious said...

Zed- this coming tuesday starting at 9 I believe they are running all the episodes they have shown to date of Everybody Hates Chris"

The Humanity Critic said...

Nothing is worse than any type of night cflass, hands down..

Knockout Zed said...

Davy Jones can get play and not me? Hmmf!
Not in Klan Kountry will I.
Great day in the morning! But alas, I have a city commission meeting that night from 7 pm to 10 pm. Will someone lend a nigga without tivo some blank tapes?

Insaneblackwoman said...

If they gone ask you to give up your favorite night of the week for something that's their own shit, the least they could do is feed a nigga a decent meal. Like, you know, make a nigga a prisciutto and goat cheese salad or something fulfilling and interesting like that. Fuck some chili and cookies! And I bet her chili had beans in it, didn't it? Fuck! I hate those raw ass, tasteless beans that come in chili.

Blah Blah Blah said...

HA! About time you had something better to do at night instead of out cow-tipping in Satan's Anus!!!!!!!