Thursday, October 27, 2005


Yo, munkees! I rarely dream about aspirations. When I dream, it’s usually about one of two things: fighting or exams. I fight in every other dream I have. I’m usually much slower than my opponent, and he hits me much more often than I hit him. I wake up frustrated that I wasn’t able to beat this muthafucka. The other dream is a common one. I’m late for an exam that I haven’t studied for. I run to the classroom, sit in my seat and await my fate. The teacher places the exam in front of me and I don’t recognize any of the questions. It sucks.

Last night was a rare occasion. I had a dream about another subject. That subject was Elyse. Elyse is a woman I went to college with but I didn’t realize it. I used to see her around Detroit at various spots, always with a different guy. She is beautiful, even when she had adult braces a few years back. She’s about 5’6”, medium brown, high cheekbones, the prettiest (braces-enhanced) smile and she's got a “fatty”. I saw her this past Saturday at homecoming. My boy “Brundlefly” introduced me to her formally. I was like “She’s beautiful. I used to see her around the ‘D’ all the time”. Brundle told me “You don’t remember her from our dorm back in the day? She was a loud, ghetto assed chick.” I couldn’t recall at all. I just knew her from the here and now.

Anyway, last night I dreamt that she was at my house and sprung. She was strung out on dick and didn’t wanna leave. “Please Zed, let me stay.” I was accommodating as hell. “Relax, you don’t have to go anywhere.” She was holding on to my leg and shit as I tried to walk away. “Where are you going? Don’t leave”. Niggas, I wish I had it that bad with that broad.

When I woke up I had that same frustrated feeling I have when I dream about fighting. It was the strangest feeling. I’m completely non-plussed. As beautiful as she is, I’m not stupid enough to think that the dream is about getting her. In this instance, Elyse is a “MacGuffin”. The dream is essentially a question: What does it take to make you happy? I don’t know the answer, but whatever it is Elyse would make a good stand-in in the meantime.

Au Revoir, munkees

P.S. My condolences go out to Ms. KeKe for the loss of her beloved fish "Jake". That muthafucka will be missed and shit.


The_Practitioner said...

Jake died! And I thought he was going to make it. Dayum. {I wanna take a moment to pour out a lil salt water for the aquatic brothas who ain't here....chuuurch}.

Back to the post...

Cuz, I just have to say, any time you can dream about a woman and the dream is sexual in nature and you don't happen to wake up with a puddle in your boxers - that's a good dream (lol).

Melle Mel said...

Jake's gone and Ellwood is all alone! Thanks for the shout out...

Put the dream books down ZED...You know you love fuckin'!

Chubby Chocolate said...

Wow. This is too odd. I've had the almost exact same dream before some time back...Only it was about my professor.

twin said...

don't you just hate it when you see someone from back in the day and they are fine as hell now

E_1979 said...

See even in my dreams I don't get the girl.

My fish died I was 6 my grandmother told me that fish sometimes do tricks swimming upside down.

Then she told me it jumped out.

Why didn't my fish love me ?

KneeDeep said...

Damn, you better stop getting beat up in your dreams.

toneec42 said...

Zed Z,
Those recurring dreams about fighting and not being ready for the exam are trying to tell you something. Not knowing you well enough, I don't know what it is but brah they are trying to tell you somet'ing major.