Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lost One

"Propaganda/save it for Sevanda/Joe and Amanda/Zack and Alexandra" - Main Source, "Live at the BBQ"

Hey Illmunkerati, what gives? I'm comtemplating the worth of my existence in this organization. And it only took me 3 months! Daily I'm in my office listening to muthafuckas bitch and moan. They line up one by one and come in looking for my help and/or guidance. And it's not even my daughter's wedding day! You can't imagine how it feels to hear bullshit tales of woe and grief from these crackas who ain't seen the half.

Lately the point of contention has been Poppins. I think I told y'all before that these women hate her. I've been getting pretty sick of these muthafuckas impugning her rep. That is until yesterday. I watched some Machiavellian shit unfold before my eyes.

I was in a meeting that I was monitoring because I got some reports from attendees that Poppins was doing some ill shit. She has a tendency to take over meetings that community residents should be in control of. Earlier that day I told her to stand down. Let the people run their own agenda and if they fail, it's their failure. They'll be more willing to listen to outside advice after they fail. I saw her prep two "community members" (two friends of hers incognito) to push for an item she wanted to be a priority.

The residents smelled a rat immediately and literally ran those people out of the meeting. Literally. I'm not one of those niggas that uses a word like "literally" when I really mean "figuratively". THEY RAN THOSE FOLKS OUT OF THE MEETING. The residents then started to attack city staff. My people and myself. They accused us of setting the whole thing up.

To make a long story short (too late, right?) the city spent an enormous amount of time building community credibility and she was willing to try to tear it all down in minutes just because her ego wouldn't let her acquiesce. She had to get her way.

Because I had a personal relationship with her I wasn't willing to see what a bunch of different people were trying to tell me. That's not all. Poppins was planning the big community outreach event. She came to me saying that she needed my help to talk to the chief of police to get his cooperation. She told me that my boss signed off on the idea. Luckily I put that shit on the backburner, because he hadn't signed off on it. She would have put my livelyhood in jeopardy with that lie. Like I went behind his back to go forward with this expensive undertaking.

Nobody's perfect, but I feel betrayed because I went to bat for her a lot. That's a fuckin' understatement. Everybody here hates her ass EXCEPT me. I don't hate her now. I just wash my hands of her.

Still bobbin' and weavin',


Melle Mel said...

Whoa! I thought Poppins was cool - You can never trust the co-workers - damn!

E_1979 said...

Mary poppins.... always thought the umbrella was a bit weird....

If everyone hates someone... I've come to think that a large public opinion might perhaps have a shred of validity

Chubby Chocolate said...

She did what?
Thank goodness you didn't bone her!

brooklyn babe said...

Passing thru to say wassup,my shit was all jacked up, on my blog block, very very fishy!
but moving right along, I'll be back on the set, to catch up with my babe munkees! Peace!